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It would be just great, just wonderful, just fabulous to have the little gadget that Hermoine had in the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I know, and I am sure I’m not alone, that I would like to have more time to do the things I enjoy most.

Our lives are busy, but with what? Work, families other obligations for sure. But wouldn’t it be great to slow down some and take a little time for the pleasures in life even if we don’t have a time turner.

But how to do it? Prioritizing I guess is the only way, and it works for me. I just block time out of each day, (luckily my children are grown and my husband thinks my little hobbies are cute -) to fit it all in. So I make a point to set aside time each day to do things I love that enrich my life.

What things make you happy and how do you fit them into a busy schedule?