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The snow is flying…..

The Puppets in the Wall
By DSJWrites

I was just a child when they first visited me, the puppets in the wall. They were playful in the beginning, funny even. They made me laugh.

Each night when sleep took me under, they summoned me, entering my mind and coaxing me to knock three times on the wall next to my bed to open the door.

It was like at magic show at first, juggling and jokes but that’s how I was drawn it. Once inside my head they controlled my sleep and I was powerless to stop it. I never knew when they would come, but when they did they always forced me to open the door.

It was no longer fun and games, our meetings grew dark and dangerous, and my fun puppets now had become mean creatures of the night. “Naughty children need to be punished” they would say, their voices low and wicked. And so it would be.