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In a previous post I talked about the book idea and questions that need answers. It’s important to get all the facts and put them together cohesively into an impressive document that makes your book standout against all the rest.

Spend sometime putting the elements of a book proposal together because it will be worth it. I started with a few questions and did some research.

Q. Why would people want to read this book? The hook, make it intriguing enough to leave the reader wanting more.

A. Because it’s…
An enthralling tale of love and revenge, two lovers are torn apart by a vengeful curse. One dies, while the other is banished to a dark and foreboding place…

Q: Who is the audience? What age group is appropriate for the story and what is its genre.

A. For me…

Adults, young adults and teens who enjoy the genre of paranormal and supernatural romance.

Q. Who is the competition?

A. Everything ever written is competition. Research books in your genre and understand how they are written and how they compare to your story. Be able to convince an agent or editor that you are an expert.

Q. How will you get others to read your book?

A. Name recognition. This is important and goes along way. Start by writing something then show it to others. Social media like Twitter and Facebook can help to get your name out there, and of course you can always start a blog!

Next time – The Overview.