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Sunday Morning Short Story
Continued from Part IV

Brady looked at his mother incredulously. “What story? What do you know?” he asked folding his arms in front of him waiting for an answer.

“I can’t tell you Brady, you have to read it for yourself.” she said as she walked across the room to a bookshelf on the other side. From it she pulled out an old worn book, bound in leather with nothing written on the cover. She walked back to where Brady stood and held the book out to him.

“It’s all in here, our history. Your history, and hers.” she looked at him her expression filled with apprehension. She knew what is in store for him.

“You will need to figure it out for yourself. Who she was and who you were, that’s all I can say.” As she put the book in his hands. “It is for you alone.” She kissed his cheek and left the room without another word.

Brady walked over to the couch with the book in hand. He sat down and looked at it in his lap. He had forgotten that Sam and Elliot were standing in the room with him.

“Whoa dude!” Sam said in disbelief.

“Whoa.” Was Brady’s solitary reply. Elliot stood with his jaw resting on the ground too shocked to form words.

“You’re the one.” Sam said obviously impressed. “Cool!”

“Yeah cool, I have to get reading, she needs me and I guess this book has the answers I need. Can I catch you guys later?” Brady asked in a sober tone.

“Sure” Sam and Elliot said in unison then turned to leave. Pausing, Sam looked back at Brady fearing for his friend. “Good luck and watch yourself ok?”

“Yeah, I will thanks.” Brady grinned at Sam as he left the room, and then turned his eyes to the book in his lap. She filled his thoughts, the woman from the cave. She was beautiful and vulnerable. She had pleaded for help, and to Brady, being on the verge of manhood, it was a call to his natural instincts to protect. But how eluded him, still he would find a way to help her.

“Look to your past Brady” had been her last words before she disappeared right when Brady’s mom had entered the room breaking the spell.

He was determined to rescue her.

Focusing on the book before him, he opened the cover. The pages fanned out one by one with a loud whoosh as a gust air blew past him. The fanning stopped and the pages spread open before him to the page where the story began. Their story.

Her name was Kenda …

To be continued …