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Creating a winning book proposal Part III – The Synopsis.

The next topic in writing a book proposal is the synopsis, which is a 1-5 page overview of a work of fiction. It should keep a narrow focus but explain on a high level, the story, plot and characters. Don’t go too deep, save the details for the manuscript.

A synopsis has four main elements:

  1. What is the book is about?
    • Describe the story, the plot and the conflict.
  2. Who are the characters?
    • Name your protagonist and antagonist other characters.
  3. Actions that will help deliver the plot?
    • Describe the character rolls and what happens to them.
  4. Note the category, the title and the author.
    • For example: Category: fiction, young adult, paranormal romance
    • The name of your work and of course the author which is you!

Like all writing, make it engaging but be concise. The goal is to grab the reader by encompassing the basics of who, what, where and why.

Take some time to write the synopsis, it will be worth it.

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