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Aspiring Writers Want to Know – Writing a Book Synopsis

A valuable piece of the book proposal is the author bio. This is the part of the proposal where you get to tell the world all about the writer in you.

There are guidelines which are good to follow, but nothing is set in stone. Think about what might be interesting to know and put it in. It’s a powerful marketing tool for a writer, so take full advantage and put your best foot forward.


  • Keep it short, one to one and a half pages in length at the maximum.
  • Be concise, the message shouldn’t be hidden in a bunch of flowery words
  • List all your writing experience.
  • List any memberships to writing associations.
  • List any awards or recognition received for your writing.


  • Don’t get too personal, it’s about you as an author.

The biography is the portion of a book proposal where a writer MUST show they have what it takes to write the book being proposed. If done correctly it will give an editor or agent a sense of the who the writer is. Which is entirely the point.

Lastly, if you have a website or blog that is author driven, put a link to it!

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